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The beautiful Authentic, Heritage & Vintage Collection of sliding sash windows from Masterframe provide exceptional performance whilst retaining the proportion and elegance of traditional wooden sash windows. Equally, these windows can transform more recently built homes into desirable modern residences with that extra touch of quality, setting it apart from the other similar homes in the neighbourhood.

Manufactured by one of the UK's only true sash window specialists, Masterframe have been dedicated to sash windows since 1988 and are at the forefront of innovation with each and every window made to order and bespoke to your exact requirements.

Authentic Collection features a blend of traditional aesthetics and attention to detail with original putty line details, which help maintain the original character of the building. 

Heritage Collection is designed with modern features, such as slim top sashes & large bottom sashes, with internal ovolo glazing bead.

Vintage Collection is as close to the original timber window in styling & design as possible.

Original sash windows had external jamb rails commonly known as sash horns and these decorative details are available as a plant on effect or a run through horn where the profile is machined to the horn shape similar to that of the original timber jambs. Unique patented interlocking Geo bars and a metal Georgi-Clip ensures plant on bars remain clamped to the surface of the glass, fitting the sash snugly and guaranteed by BBA testing to remain adhered for the life of the sealed unit.

All the collections are available in a plain gloss PVC-U finish or with a wood grain foiled finish to recreate the look of traditional painted timber, also with a timberweld option. Choose from any RAL colour, including Farrow and Ball colours. Each collection is available in a number of styles, including arched and swept head designs.

Whilst installing the sash windows we can also replace the internal liners, architrave and window boards if required. 

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