Timber Alternative Windows

Image: 2017-07/evoflushwhitewoodgrainwp-20151209-15-49-38-pro.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-white-woodgrain-flush.jpg Image: 2017-08/evolution-flush-casement-bay-window-in-white-wood-finish.jpg Image: 2017-08/evolution-flush-casement-window-with-white-wood-finish.jpg Image: 2017-07/storm2antiquelead2.jpg Image: 2017-07/440.jpg Image: 2017-07/storm2antiquesquarelead.jpg Image: 2017-07/530.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499162272_evoflushwhitewoodgrainwp-20151209-15-50-10-pro.jpg Image: 2017-07/203-p1010296.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499162290_timbalt442.jpg Image: 2017-07/021.jpg Image: 2017-07/023.jpg Image: 2017-07/562.jpg Image: 2017-07/600.jpg Image: 2017-07/evolution-p1000844.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499162337_evolutionstorm2p1010458.jpg Image: 2017-07/timbalt601.jpg Image: 2017-07/evolutionflushgeorgianastragalbarswindowafter1.jpg Image: 2017-11/evolution-storm-2-window-.jpg Image: 2017-11/evolution-storm-2-window..jpg Image: 2017-11/evolution-storm-2-windows-.jpg Image: 2017-11/evolution-storm-2-windows-and-nash-front-door-.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-french-door-white-wood-and-georgian-astragal-bars.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-white-wood-window-with-arctic-glazing.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-white-wood-windows-with-georgian-astragal-bars-external-view.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-white-wood-with-georgian-astragal-bars-internal-view-.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-white-woodgrain-with-georgian-astragal-bars.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-window-in-white-wood-with-georgian-astragal-bars.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-storm-2-windows-in-white-wood-with-georgian-astragal-bars-and-monkey-tail-handles-.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-flush-white-wood-grain-window.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-flush-white-woodgrain-window.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-flush-white-woodgrain-windows.jpg Image: 2017-12/evolution-flush-windows-in-white-woodgrain.jpg

Timber Alternative windows from Evolution take traditional styling and bring it into the 21st century, with the merging of traditional handcrafted values with the very latest technological enhancements to help enhance and protect your home in either the Storm 2 or Flush range.

Storm 2 is designed to emulate the beautiful aesthetics of traditional timber windows but without the drawbacks. No expensive maintenance, no laborious sanding and painting, this highly energy-efficient window comes with an A rating as standard and the excellent security features mean your home is always safe, warm and secure. With a host of practical features such as egress/easy clean hinges for easy cleaning and fire escape, lockable night vent facility and multi-point shoot bolt security locks and security bolts and claws fitted to the hinge side of all locking windows sashes.

Flush showcases sleek window lines that fit flush into the window frame, unlike the Storm 2 design which overlaps the frame. Originally, all windows were flush fitting and this was the main window style until modern windows were introduced. Flush windows manufactured from a product other than timber are a fairly recent innovation which has paved the way for not only replacement of traditional flush windows but also for modern properties to benefit from the clean lines of this style. With a range of traditional features as optional extras it is possible to recreate a traditional flush window with beautiful timber styling but without he upkeep of the original.

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