Why choose a Composite Door?

Image: 2017-07/birch-in-black.jpg Image: 2017-08/phoenix-birch-in-chartwell-green-with-chrome-fittings.jpg Image: 2017-09/p1000270phoenixgloucestershirestabledooranthracitegrey.jpg Image: 2017-09/p1000271phoenixgloucestershirestabledooranthracitegrey.jpg Image: 2017-08/phoenix-essex-door-in-green-with-side-panel.jpg Image: 2017-07/bedford-in-white-with-bedford-3-simplicity.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499088249_ash-chartwell-green.jpg Image: 2017-10/alder-in-french-grey-with-minster.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499088445_birch-red.jpg Image: 2017-07/birch-with-side-panel.jpg Image: 2017-07/birch.jpg Image: 2017-07/elm-2.jpg Image: 2017-07/elm.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499088489_essex-duck-egg-blue-with-sandblasted-style-4.jpg Image: 2017-07/essex-in-black-with-sandblasted-style-4.jpg Image: 2017-07/essex-in-dark-wood-with-resin-lead-red.jpg Image: 2017-07/gloucestershire.jpg Image: 2017-07/suffolk-door.jpg Image: 2017-07/surrey-with-top-light.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010449-1-.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010449-2-.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010449-3-.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010449-4-.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010449-5-.jpg Image: 2017-07/meridian-birch-red-chrome-lignum.jpg Image: 2017-07/meridian-ash-anthracite-grey-chrome.jpg Image: 2017-09/kent-4-in-black-with-simplicity-glazing-.jpg Image: 2017-09/essex-door-in-black-with-black-fusion-style-1-glazing-and-adjacent-window-in-stippolyte.jpg Image: 2017-09/vienna-front-door-in-anthracite-grey-with-sandblasted-glazing.jpg Image: 2017-10/essex2black.jpg Image: 2017-10/essex2darkwood.jpg Image: 2017-10/essexresinfusionbluegold.jpg Image: 2017-10/phoenix-elm-with-side-panel-french-grey-mesquite-glazing.jpg Image: 2017-10/phoenixessexdoorandahalfblackwithsandblastedstyle4glass.jpg Image: 2017-10/phoenixessexwithtoppanel.jpg Image: 2017-10/phoenixnorfolkblueroyaletripleglazed.jpg Image: 2017-10/bedford-3-front-door-in-white-with-taffeta-obscure-glazing.jpg Image: 2017-10/surrey-door-in-dark-wood-with-rosewood-frame-and-resin-lead-red-glazing.jpg Image: 2017-11/phoenix-gloucestershire-bevel-diamond-green-stippolyte.jpg Image: 2017-12/essex-front-door-and-sidelight-in-red-with-sandblast-style-4-glazing-to-door-and-sandblast-with-clear-border-to-side-panel.jpg Image: 2017-12/phoenix-meridian-birch-front-door-in-duck-egg-blue-with-lignum-glazing-and-chrome-slimline-knocker.jpg

Modern composite doors are the perfect stylish, secure and low maintenance choice. Combining superb aesthetics with unrivalled long-life performance with superior weather tightness, secure locking systems and greater thermal efficiency, your home will be fully protected with these modern entrance doors.

Whichever door you select, you can be sure that your door has been made to the highest quality standards, Whether your requirements are for a door with a large glass area to bring light in to you home, or a door with little or no glass to maintain the privacy in your home, you will find a design to suit in one of the following ranges.

Meridian The Meridian range of composite entrance doors offers you the ulitmate in performance and style.

Behind the complementary range of colours and hardware is a door constructed using the very latest materials to give you a high performing energy and security door, ensuring it not only looks good but makes your home safe and secure. Working in conjuction with the Woodland Trust to preserve and protect the UKs woodland, this door provides A++ energy rated performance, 50mm triple glazing as standard with 70mm rebated triple seal design and an additional weatherseal strip to enhance thermal and weathering performance. This range of doors have been specifically designed to promote environmental benefits without compromising the natural environment.

The Sovereign Collection A high quality flush fitting collection of composite doors that meet the exacting demands of today's discerning homeowner.

Designed with you in mind, the Sovereign Collection is one of the most comprehensive ranges of composite doors on the market. These composite doors are produced using robust through-colour GRP door skins. Completely weatherproof, with excellent resistance to knocks and scratches and whatever the weather throws at them. Meeting all the latest energy efficiency regulations, their thermally efficient foam core helps to reduce energy bills and will not warp, split or twist. Installed within a reinforced door frame and secured with a multi-point lock with two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt, with premium adjustable hinges and keeps, this range meets all the latest standards and legislation.

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