PVCu Windows

Image: 2017-09/emplaswindows.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-chamfered-bead-french-door-in-hazy-grey.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-chamfered-bead-half-bay-window-in-hazy-grey.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-chamfered-bead-in-hazy-grey-with-georgian-grille-lounge.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-chamfered-bead-in-hazy-grey-with-georgian-grille.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-sculptured-window-and-triangular-pane.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-sculptured-windows-3.jpg Image: 2017-09/whole-house-emplas-windows-and-vienna-front-door-and-side-panel.jpg Image: 2017-07/003.jpg Image: 2017-09/emplas-optimasculptured-.jpg Image: 2017-08/img-0368-emplas-optima-white-woodgrain.jpg Image: 2017-08/img-0369-emplas-optima-white-woodgrain.jpg Image: 2017-08/img-0370-emplas-optima-white-woodgrain.jpg Image: 2017-08/emplas-sculptured-with-bricked-up-area-below-window.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499089240_emplas-window-open.jpg Image: 2017-07/049.jpg Image: 2017-07/052.jpg Image: 2017-07/075.jpg Image: 2017-07/211-p1010015.jpg Image: 2017-07/224.jpg Image: 2017-07/234-p1010339.jpg Image: 2017-07/310.jpg Image: 2017-07/432.jpg Image: 2017-07/424.jpg Image: 2017-07/315.jpg Image: 2017-07/emplas-017.jpg Image: 2017-07/emplascloseup2.png Image: 2017-07/optimaantiquediamondleadp1000262.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010546.jpg Image: 2017-07/p1010552.jpg Image: 2017-07/windows038.jpg Image: 2017-07/windows039.jpg Image: 2017-07/windows170.jpg Image: 2017-07/windows200.jpg Image: 2017-07/windows321.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499689279_afteremplaschamferedblackbrownwithirishoak2.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499689525_emplas-chamfered2.jpg Image: 2017-07/emplas-sculptured3.jpg Image: 2017-07/emplas-sculptured4.jpg Image: 2017-07/1499689556_emplas-sculptured6.jpg Image: 2017-10/emplas-optima-sculptured-.jpg Image: 2017-10/emplas-optima-sculptured-with-vertical-astragal-bars.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-bead-windows-and-front-porch.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-bead-window-in-white-with-horizontal-georgian-astragal-bar.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-bead-windows-in-white-with-horizontal-georgian-astragal-bar.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-profile-pvcu-windows-and-phoenix-meridian-birch-2-in-duck-egg-blue-with-lignum-glazing-and-chrome-slimline-knocker.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-with-sculptured-bead-and-georgian-lead.jpg Image: 2017-12/empla-optima-sculptured-bead-with-georgian-leads.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-bay-windows.jpg Image: 2017-12/emplas-optima-sculptured-window.jpg

Manufactured from the UK's leading Profile 22 Optima system from Emplas, our range of PVC-U windows are produced in a choice of frame style:

Sculptured offers a more traditional decorative finish replicating the curves found on traditional timber windows.

Chamfered features a more contemporary and simpler bevelled edge with straight sightlines.

Glass is the single most important factor in defining the energy performance of a window which is why the glass is supplied by Pilkington who are proud to be a global market leader in glass sealed unit manufacturing. Incoprorating smart low-e coatings which trap and hold energy and warm-edge spacer bars to separate the sheets of glass which are then filled with argon gas, the cold air stays outside and the warm air stays inside. Should you require an obscure glass for a bathroom window there is a wide choice from the Pilington range.

The frames feature five thermally efficient internal chambers in the sash and six in the outer frame. This thermally efficient 'honey-comb' creates a series of barriers between the heat inside your home and the cold air outside. The frame energy efficiency is further enhanced wherever possible by swapping the highly conductive steel for a far more thermally efficient and ultra-strong recycled composite material reinforcement. With high security 8-point locking as standard to provide the ultimate burglar deterrent and a patented bolt into the keep docking system prevents sideways movement of the bolt when under attack, you can be reassured that these windows are not only made to keep the cold out but also any unwanted visitors.

Choose from a wide range of colours or woodgrain effects and stylish robust hardware to perfectly complement your home. Available in a number of window styles which include classic casement, French casement, tilt-and-turn and with or without Georgian astragal bars.

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