PVCu Windows

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Locally manufactured from the largest independent fabricator of PVCu windows & doors. PlatinumNRG offer exclusive products (100% lead free PVCu) and are produced in a choice of frame styles:

70mm Casement Window

PlatinumNRG 70mm casement windows use 28mm double glazed sealed units for maximum sound & heat retention. Their six-chamber sash & outer frames provide the most energy efficient window, which will make your home quieter & more secure.

The frames are internally beaded and come in a choice of two finishes:

Sculptured offers a more traditional decorative finish replicating the curves found on traditional timber windows.

Chamfered features a more contemporary and simpler bevelled edge with straight sightlines.

Slim Sash Casement Window

This exclusive PlatinumNRG product offers the same features as the 70mm casement window but its key feature is a slimmer design that increases the glass area. This means it can draw in more daylight and give a better view out. The slimmer sash allows an extra 10mm of glass in comparison to the 70mm casement window. Comes in both Chamfered & Sculptured finishes

Flush Sash Casement Window

These windows replicate the appearance of traditional timber, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame and dummy inserts to non-opening glass panes. This is an element of framing to match & equalise with an opener, giving the overall appearance of an equal sightline. They have a 70mm PVCu outer frame profile which offer the benefits of low maintenance, comfort, security & energy efficiency.

When it comes to replacing your windows, the glass really does make a difference and is at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, level of security, heat retention and even the level of furniture fade protection. Planitherm is the UK's leading energy efficient glass, manufactured in the UK specifically for our changeable climate.

Choose from a wide range of colours or woodgrain effects and stylish robust hardware to perfectly complement your home. Available in a number of window styles which include French casement, tilt-and-turn and with or without Georgian astragal bars. 

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