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Installation Area:

Please check the Installation Map and the following list for the postcodes that we cover:

BN5 6, BN5 9
BN44 3
GU6 7, GU6 8, GU28 0
RH4 1, RH4 2, RH4 3
RH5 4, RH5 5
RH6 0, RH6 7
RH10 1, RH10 4, RH10 5, RH10 6, RH10 7, RH10 8, RH10 9
RH11 - ALL
RH12 - ALL 
RH13 - ALL
RH14 - ALL
RH15 - ALL
RH16 1, RH16 2, RH16 3, RH16 4
RH17 5, RH17 6
RH20 - ALL

So that we can continue to provide the best local service at the most competitive prices, we work inside a specific installation area, which is within a radius of approximately 15 miles from the showroom. Please check that you are within our area before submitting your enquiry. 

You will receive an automated email after submitting your enquiry so please check your spam or junk email folders if you have not received this in your inbox.