French Doors

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French doors create a timeless and classic connection between your home and the garden. Available in either PVC-U or Timber Alternative to suit your requirements.

PVC-U French Doors are low maintenance and energy efficient, these sculptured or chamfered PVC French door framing systems emulate the traditional detailing of timber doors. The sculptured detailing offers a more traditional decorative finish replicating the curves found on traditional timber doors. The chamfered detailing features a more contemporary and simpler beveled edge with straight sight lines.

Choose from a wide range of colour or woodgrain finishes and door furniture options to produce an end result that will complement your home.

Combine this design with multi-point locking and profile reinforcement, these doors deliver the highest standards in entrance door security. With a thermally efficient outer frame, deeper drainage channels, high security glazing system with energy efficient double or triple glazing up to A++, this is a well made and secure product that meets all current building standards.

Timber Alternative French Doors are an attractive way to add value to your property as well as providing easy access to your outdoor area.

As with our other Evolution products, these French doors are manufactured by skilled craftsmen and technicians using the latest modern materials. Created to emulate the richness and depth of real timber, without the problems traditionally associated with wooden doors.

Mechanically jointed timber style outer frame, authentic timber effect lamination to all frame work and arris detail to all joints combine to produce a product that looks authentic and is designed to last.

Available in a range of colours with a choice of hardware and made to measure to your exact requirements.

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