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Following the announcement last night that the country has been placed in immediate lockdown once again, we are writing to inform you that we will unfortunately be closed until restrictions are able to be lifted.

During this time we will be periodically checking emails and phone messages and will respond where we are able to. However, the office will be closed and our staff will be either fully or partially furloughed. Response times will therefore be unpredictable but we will endeavour to acknowledge your emails and phone messages when we can and will respond fully once we return to normal working.

Our aftersales service is also affected and it is with regret that we must advise you that any service requests that are currently in the system cannot be progressed further until we return to normal working. Rest assured that these will be given our top priority once we are able to work normally again.

It is unclear at the moment whether we will still receive deliveries from our manufacturers. We expect that these may be sporadic and unpredictable with further delays inevitable. All orders are in the system and are being processed and if/when we receive deliveries we will contact you to discuss how you wish to proceed with your installation. We are permitted to work in customer’s homes whilst following the safety guidelines but if you are not comfortable having people enter your home at this time we can hold the installation until the lockdown is lifted.

We sincerely regret having to take this course of action but our priority has to be the safety of our staff and our customers.