Residence 9

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Residence 9 windows are designed to replicate the flush sash hardwood window designs found in many cottages in our villages around Horsham. You can now replace your wooden window frames with an authentic design and in traditional colours, without losing the character, appearance and feel of the period.

In addition to the authentic character of the frames, there are other optional design features to choose from to produce a final look that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain. Modern windows often lack period character as the hinges are hidden and the traditional butt hinges offered with these windows maintain this attractive original feature. To bring these charming features indoors, there are also monkey tail or peardrop design handles which will further enhance these windows. There are more contemporary options available should you not require these period details.

Old timber windows often had a raised moulding that ran horizontally across the transom. This bar looked distinctive and gave the window depth and character. Its function was to shed dripping water and to increase the strength. This feature has been recreated on the Residence 9 windows.

The Georgian bar latticework sections are hand applied by craftsmen to create the traditional Georgian latticework found in period townhouses. The mouldings exactly replicate the decorative detailing inside and the chamfered putty line outside.

Residence 9 is designed with an easy clean rebate which is finished to match the windows. The design avoids sharp corners and undercuts which attract dirt. When the window is open it not only looks the same but is easy to clean. The internal shape and depth of the decorative detailing is authentic and gives shape and a distinctively deep appearance to the strong sections.

Whether you live in a cottage, a period property, a town house or any other home, the Residence 9 windows fully embrace our British heritage and historic conservation regulations and are available in a range of heritage colours and have been specifically designed to replicate the documented historical window designs from the period. The sizes will be mirrored as historically documented and as listed in many article 4 planning guidelines. Furthermore, the system is flush sash and always dummy sash just like the originals so you can be reassured that your home retains its original charm but with added security, ease of maintenance and greater thermal efficiency.

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